Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Adventure Of Super Kio!

The Adventure of Super Kio! Not a great name for a monster character but it was done how I created him when I was young. Anyway, its a small episode 1 comic I done in flash cards, pens, and red and yellow markers. The character is the great Beefy Kio the dragon and his sidekick, well Ozzy, he has no sidekick name of himself hehe. For my episode, its more like a intro maybe, it starts out where Beefy Kio teaches Ozzy of the meaning of being a hero and becoming justice of this city, even though theres not much crime that has been happening. So afterwards they finally found a real criminal and its up to Beefy Kio to stop him anyway with his incredible MUSCLES haha. I finish episode 1 but never started episode 2 which im still thinkin for a new villian but it never happen sadly.

For a little bio, since I never done one ever since I created Beefy Kio and Ozzy,
for Beefy Kio, well hes mainly a dragon except not fully a dragon if you look at him, so far no one knows where this beast came from or how he was here or who is he. Is he a mutant? A man who been infected by some radioactive reptile? An expeirment gone wrong? So far I have not made a beginning yet or will I ever make one for this beast soon, but for now you decide then haha. For his super powers, hes like a mix with the hulk except a little bit goofy, whats makes it more odd is he shoots lazers out of his armpits haha! This idea was from my friend who he liked my character Beefy Kio so he was wondering about his powers, and thus the armpits are born, and was inspired by that fairy odd parents episode. So far about him, he loves to be stronger than anybody, hes pretty much stubborn and thinks hes a know it all until Ozzy comes in and proves his point, hes more of a goofball and pretty much gets distracted, would you even trust this guy to be your superhero?

And Ozzy, hes a 14 year old teen who pretty much doesn't care at things and tend to have an attitude
his friend is some girl (who im still making in the making) who pretty much met Ozzy since middle school, which then comes to the part is she kinda has a crush on him? Or who knows when I continue. Back to Ozzy, its Kio only friend and most trusted, even though Ozzy finds Beefy Kio annoying but Beefy Kio doesn't really get him anyway. Hes not much of an power type like Kio, but hes more like the fast type. He doesn't have super powers like Kio but uses weapons of anything he finds, his main weapon is a gun, hes more of the brains in Kios adventure but Kio never listens to his plans anyway so which makes Ozzy has to do it. He never does much actions since Kio always takes over.

So, so far thats it, Ozzy is the brains, while Kio is the brawns. you probably get it maybe or idk, would like to show the whole Episode 1 comic but don't feel like showing all of it sadly. Maybe someday. c:

More gonna be in my other blog now

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